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If possible, move your car
immediately after being
involved in an accident, so
it's not blocking traffic.

Call the local police
immediately if someone was
hurt in the accident, if the car
can't be moved, or if your
accident involved a hit-and
run driver.

The uninsured motorist
coverage part of your auto
insurance usually only pays
for a hit-and-run auto
accident if you report it to

Get the following information
from the other driver:
telephone number
license plate number
driver license number
auto insurance policy number
insurance company name

Also get the names,
addresses, and telephone
numbers of any witnesses to
your auto accident.
List of the information you
should gather after a car

1. Date & time
2. City, street, intersection
3. Direction & speed of both
4. Road and weather
5. Did police take a report? If
so, what department and
case number
6. Detailed description of what
7. Information about other
driver (name, phone, address,
make, license #, driver's
license #, insurer, policy #,
birth date)
8. Witness information
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